Psalm 132:2-5

A couple of years ago a few friends and I tried to make a plan for a simple backpacking trip for the purpose of fellowship, fun, and to celebrate a few life milestones. We knew what we wanted to do, but we planned a little late. That meant most of our hopes and options were a little limited. So we decided to continue with plan A, which was a horrible hike, to an unknown peak. We agreed and we all moved forward to make it happen, knowing it was probably not going to be the best option, but it is what we had.

God had something better. A few days before the trip God opened up the permits we wanted! We had a new plan to backpack somewhere beautiful and climb a 14,000 foot mountain. God knew something we didn’t and worked in ways we couldn’t. Here is what I learned; We/I still had to plan, We/I still had to take steps towards the plan, We/I had to trust that God was before us.

David was a man after God’s own heart who made vows to the Lord and tried to fulfill them. As shepherd, leader, and king he had to make plans trusting the Lord went before him. In Psalm 132 we hear of a strong vow to do something great for the Lord. David’s job was to trust the Lord, make the plan, and pursue the plan. It is a good example for us to follow.

If God is going before us (which he is – see Deuteronomy 31:8 or Isaiah 45:2), then we have to trust in him to lead us and guide us. If we plan based on our GOD, then he will work through things in ways we might not see, but his plans will always be better than we see. Naturally we will run into bumps along the way, but we need to stick to the commitment we made and pursue the plan that God has for us.

If you are in a spot in life where you’re not sure of the plan, a little stuck, or a little lost; WE ARE HERE for you. God is for you and has gone before you. Ask Jesus to help you and give us a call so we can too.

Jeremy Johnson

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