When he had finished washing their feet, he put on his clothes and returned to his place. “Do you understand what I have done for you?” he asked them.

I love it when salespeople knock on my front door or call (although my wife doesn’t like it or that I enjoy it!). They usually have a pitch that goes something like this, “I’m so and so and I think we have an opportunity to mutually benefit each other by…”. I always want to hear what they have to offer because maybe I can get something for free and they love talking because so many people shut the door or hang up the phone on them. Realistically neither they nor I are acting out of a mutual best interest, so the conversation ends with me in trouble with my wife or kids and the salesperson walking away empty-handed. Reciprocity is this idea of creating a win-win, or both gaining from exchanging help. Of course, to make this work it has to go both ways, both parties need to give to get. Jesus did things differently, he didn’t look to get something back, or look for his gain. He looked just to benefit others by serving people.

Jesus’ leadership style started a trend that we still follow today, Servant Leadership, so it must have been pretty effective. Jesus shows us by washing his friend’s feet without looking for someone to wash his own feet that reciprocity does not always require reciprocation. On a practical level, Jesus took care of a lowly job that he was overqualified to do. It benefitted his friends (clean feet), it benefitted the host (clean floors), but it was not something someone like him normally did and no one offered to clean his! Jesus was modeling a way to live and lead that started with humility to cause a change in the way everyone else was to act.

Jesus shows us we don’t have to do things just to get something in return, that we can be okay just serving others, and that we know that God will take care of us. Here is my challenge for you, where can you serve someone else just for the sake of the kingdom? Where can you help someone in need, where it might go unnoticed? Can you take a chance today or this week and follow Jesus’ model? If you need help with ideas or to do something, we would love to talk to you!

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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