It’s not hard to believe that history can repeat itself. Often, events happening in the present seem like a replica of something experienced in the past. But what we tend to overlook is that recurrent history often reveals the consequences of our failed patterns to worship God.

In general, humans have failed to live out the very purpose of our creation: to worship God. Instead, we have created false gods to worship. Even the people of God, the Israelites, fell into this sinful behavior. For generations, they became an idolatrous nation, and as a consequence, God exiled them. This was exactly the reason why Daniel lived most of his life in Babylon.

By the time Daniel was in his late 70’s, he was about to witness again the consequences of the repeating pattern of false worship. The King of Babylon, while being surrounded by the Mede and Persian armies, decided to drink wine from the vessels that had been taken out of the temple of God in Jerusalem and praised false gods (Daniel 5:3-4), maybe looking for a miraculous intervention. But by doing so, he dishonored God (Daniel 5:23). As a result, that night the King of Babylon was killed, and his kingdom fell under the Medes (Daniel 5:30-31). One of the lessons that we can learn from this event is that idolatry always leads us to become subjects of God’s judgment in history.

On the other hand, Daniel lived exclusively to serve God’s purposes regardless of the circumstances. That’s why, even though he was exiled, and in the middle of political turmoil, moral depravity, and spiritual corruption, he remained faithful as a worshipper of God. By living this way, Daniel made evident that a repeating pattern of worshipping God leads to a life that makes history for the glory of His name.

 My prayer is that, as 21st century “Daniels,” our personal history would reveal a repeating pattern of worship to God.

Esteban Tapia
Spanish Language Pastor

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