When I was 17, I met the most god-like (notice little g) man I had ever met to that point in my life, Michael Jordan. There was this rush of amazement and awe as he walked towards us. There was also a feeling of unworthiness because we were in the presence of greatness. The question became: What should I say to him? Do I ask for an autograph, do I ask for a picture with him, or do I invite myself to his table for dinner? Looking back, I wonder why I cared so much about what a stranger thought instead of looking up and wondering what God thought?

As Paul prays in Ephesians 3:14-16 his posture reveals how he gazes upon the Father because he really cared about whatGod thought. He kneels and he exalts God’s attributes and power. This is such a great example for me. Paul puts God in His rightful place and He models it for the Ephesians and for us. Our gaze should not be on ourselves nor others. God’s greatness is unsearchable (Psalm 145:3), He is above all others (Psalm 95:3), and He is everlasting (Isaiah 26:4). So, we should gaze upon Him in everything we think and do. As we look to Him, He will lead and guide us because He loves us.

Will you take a few moments to gaze upon God through prayer as Paul did? Paul kneels to show reverence and respect for God whom everyone, everywhere comes from (14-15). Take a moment like Paul did to remember just how much bigger God is than us, feel free to kneel just as Paul did (if you have bad knees feel free to bow your head). Think about God’s greatness, and out of his greatness, tell God what you appreciate about Him (pause and pray). In verse 16 we see how God gives out of or according to His riches and He gives so we can live. Think of all the ways God has given to you and spend a moment in prayer thanking God for how He gives to you (pause and pray). Paul then asks for the Ephesian’s souls to be strengthened by the Spirit’s power. In prayer ask God to give you the strength you need for today (pause and pray).

Thinking about God and talking to Him changes me, meeting Michael Jordan didn’t. As for Michael Jordan, I made a joke about hanging out, he laughed and said next time kid as he walked away. God never says next time instead He stays with me so I can see Him better.

Jeremy Johnson
Pastor of Men’s Ministries

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