This week we’re looking at Acts 2:42-47, and there we see the new church flourishing. In these verses we see that they devoted themselves to obedience and fellowship, then God allowed the apostles to perform “awesome” signs and wonders. Undoubtedly these supernatural events served as a massive confirmation and encouragement to the early church’s faith.

Two thousand years later, the pattern still holds up. In 1986 my accident rocked my family. EFCC was devoted to intercessory prayer, asking the Lord for my healing and protection in spite of a hopeless prognosis. They rallied around my folks eager to help in any way they could. In the Lord’s sovereignty, he performed wonders and signs throughout the whole ordeal. The church was encouraged by every bit of good news from my parents. The Lord eventually brought me through, but in many ways, that was just the beginning of a very hard road for us. Still, the church body continued to help on all fronts and saw first hand God’s plan for my life unfold. During that first Fall season, the church had a praise and thanksgiving service where my folks brought me so people could see God’s providence first hand. It was a wonderful time, or so I’m told.

As mentioned above in Acts, God performed wonders and signs inspiring awe and encouraging close community and fellowship in the church. The challenge today is to stay devoted and be alert for God’s miraculous and “awesome” providence.

Jonathan Duncan

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