I am not sure if you ever have had an oven-fresh biscuit with butter and honey, but it might be one of the most amazing flavors ever. The aroma can be smelled from the next room and I know I was pleased when I could smell the aroma coming from the oven. Of course, God was not saying that biscuits and honey were bad in Leviticus 2:11, but he had given rules to the Israelites and simply expected them to do things his way. The Lord commanded no yeast and no honey in the grain offering. This made me have to do a little further research and of course, God intended a little more than baking instructions.

God wanted his people to be holy, he wanted them to be separate from the things of the world. In this case yeast and honey, they were the things to be given up. He was specific in how to make this offering because it was supposed to be pleasing to him. Peter uses a later chapter in Leviticus to apply the principle, “Be holy, because I am holy.” I think Peter took the position that we should understand our lives are the offering. We are to be separate and live in a way that is pleasing to God. Paul tells us to not be influenced by this world, but to be transformed (Romans 12:2). A life of obedience is part of the passage that transcends a grain offering and applies to everyday life.

This verse made me reflect on my life and choices lately. Am I living in obedience? Am I giving my best for him or for others? Do I really want to be holy or apart from the wrong influences of this world? As I reflected, I accepted God’s love and care to know that he has provided everything I need to live in obedience and enjoy what he is doing. There is joy and freedom in living in a way that honors him that is even more powerful than biscuits and honey. Let me encourage you to reflect for a moment and thank God for what he is doing in your life. Also, take a moment to think about where you are letting a little of the world’s influence be mixed into your offering. In both ways go to him and let God care for you.

Jeremy Johnson

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