Can you imagine walking up to Jesus, the son of God, and saying “Hey, don’t you care that I’m doing all the work while Mary is just sitting at your feet hanging on every word you say?” At first, I thought to myself I would never do that! I would never tell Him what to do either, but at the same time I could most definitely relate to Martha. How many times have I invited guests to my home and almost killed myself prior to their arrival to make everything “perfect?” How many times have I charged ahead with plans and projects without asking for God’s help and then wondered why I was so tired and stressed at the end of the day? I have to admit, too many times to count.

To put this scene in Luke into context, Martha knew Jesus, but she didn’t yet know that he was going to be the resurrected Savior of the world. She did know that Mary was way out of bounds sitting in that room with men when more appropriately she should be helping prepare meals and serving, which was the cultural norm. Wait, what if Jesus didn’t care if the meal was a banquet fit for a king, served perfectly and the house was clean? In fact, Jesus doesn’t seem to care at all what Mary “should” be doing at that moment. Jesus gently but clearly tells Martha that Mary is exactly where she should be, with HIM, no matter what the cultural norm was. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t value Martha or her servant heart, just the opposite. He loved her and wanted her to learn when spending time with Him became her first priority, everything else would fall into place. Nothing else was more important.

Often in the past I’ve let the “should” word rob me of the joy of fully experiencing His presence. I’ve let my focus be on all the tasks on my list, and did things in my own strength without first asking for His help or guidance. He gently says, to me and us, you are stressed because you’re busy doing so many things that aren’t nearly as important as listening to my voice and enjoying our time together.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life right now? Have recent circumstances and changes caused you to want to run to Jesus and lay your burdens at his feet? He’s waiting with arms wide open and longs to spend time with you.

By Deb Hill
Executive Administrative Assistant
to Pastor Ryan Paulson

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