I loved reading books or watching movies and seeing from start to finish how the story unfolds. There might be a rabbit trail or a little part of the story that does not quite fit or ends abruptly, but overall the author or director seems to bring it to completion. Typically you follow one character through an aspect of their life or adventure. I loved Indiana Jones growing up and watching him go through trials and succeed through different parts of the world, fighting for others who needed help and doing what was right. What stood out was how each movie built upon the one before it to bring a big picture of the character’s journey to life for me.

Maybe this is why the Bible has stood out in a spectacular way as well. It is God’s divine story about how the Father, Son, and Spirit work to create, redeem, and restore. However based on what we know, it should be choppy, misplaced, and hard to understand, BUT our God does something spectacular. To unite his story for us to know him and be made new by him he brings continuity that spans the width of his word.

God uses over 40 human authors to weave together a story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration that becomes one amazing life-changing message. There is nothing else in the known world quite like it and God probably intended for that to be this way – it should stand out. The human authors came from different backgrounds, countries, spanned centuries, and wrote in three different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Koine Greek). God somehow took all of this to make one beautiful message that has changed the world.

The message of God creating and then saving his creation is a story that should be told in a miraculous way because it deserves more attention than Indiana Jones. The continuity of the Bible has marveled me since I was young and I hope it does the same for you. Next time you pick up your Bible, or look up Scripture on your phone, can you take a moment to thank God and remember how he has impacted you throughout your life through his story?

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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