At the dawn of time, Adam’s choice to disobey God in the Garden of Eden brought a curse of death upon himself and the entire human race. But in the fullness of time, the Son of God came down from heaven

so that he could restore humanity’s hope of “life to the full” (John 10:10). This was a costly transaction for God’s Son. It required him to leave the glory he had in heaven, to be born in a human body, and

finally to die on a cruel cross. Through his sinless life and his death on the cross, the Bible says Jesus became a “new Adam.” He reversed the curse that had fallen upon us because of Adam’s first sin.

He destroyed Satan’s hold over the fallen human race and delivered a mortal blow to the head of the Serpent. Through the cross, Christ won a cosmic victory over the powers of darkness.
Through his death, Jesus gained eternal life for all who would believe in him. Because of the cross, death no longer has a hold on us. Christ’s victory over sin and the grave has broken the power of death for all
who trust in his finished work of salvation on the cross. As John 1:29 declares, Jesus truly is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” To everyone who believes, he gives the sure and certain hope of the resurrection,
and the promise of eternal life.

Because of the cross, what was lost has now been found. Because of the cross, we have a hope and a future. Because of the cross, we can have life to the full if we walk by faith in the blood of the Lamb. For

all who believe in him the curse of death has been replaced with the gift of eternal life. All because of the blood shed for us by the Lamb of God! Let us give thanks, now and forevermore, to the Lamb!

Dave Korinek

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