There are two sides to every story. It’s just a fact. But it’s not about “sides”, it would be more accurately stated as “there are two perspectives to every story.” When we are angry with someone, or when we are really in pursuit of a result, this fact can be really frustrating. We want our way, or our outcome because in our perspective it is what is good or right. We may say or state something as a fact because through our eyes it is a fact. But many times we are seeing things from our own version of reality. Seeing things from someone else’s perspective can actually cause us to see something different and give us much more insight.

Many times as parents or adults we lay down a decision. It makes sense, we are usually in charge and we have the insight to make a well-informed choice. Believe it or not, when our kids were little and we were discussing a decision in regards to them, we would encourage them to share their perspectives with us. They had to be respectful as they shared, but they were given the opportunity to speak into what was happening in regards to them. There were definitely multiple times their perspective was eye-opening and contributed to the final decision.

Proverbs 16:2a says, “all the ways of man are pure in his own eyes,” Can we take a moment and acknowledge the verse that says “pure in our own eyes”. Our own limited perspective is what we are seeing things through. But we are human and have limits. That means that we can’t see what God sees. We have a limited and short perspective in light of eternity. Our heavenly Father has a much bigger, eternal, and perfect perspective. As we live life and view it through our lens we are seeing through foggy glasses at best, and that is why we must trust the direction and decision of our heavenly Father.

We may have good intentions or insight about something, but our hearts are limited and we battle sin and that condition of our humanness taints what we see and do. So when we step out, we must be willing to allow God to have His perfect way because He sees what we cannot. He sees where our limited perspective is lacking. When we are prideful and not willing to accept God’s direction and leading we are set for ruin and for missing out on His perfect plan.

God uses a variety of ways to help us see another side of the story. He uses His word to show us the verse we need to read. He uses the people in our lives to speak into a circumstance. He uses a situation to reveal to us a new way or direction.

My hope is that we will always be willing to see all sides or perspectives to a story so we don’t miss out on God’s blessing in our lives.

Blessings as you love and serve with great purpose,
Bonnie Nichols
Women’s Ministry Specialist

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