Have you ever belly-laughed at a silly pet video or teared up watching the testimony of someone who came to faith in Jesus? At its best, social media has had a positive impact on building community, fostering relationships, sparking joyful moments, and inspiring people toward creativity and acts of kindness.

Many social apps open windows into the lives of our friends, celebrities, and random people around the world, giving us a chance to endlessly scroll and live vicariously through them. Sometimes this seemingly innocuous activity has the ability to evoke 1) a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and 2) feelings of comparison. The content we consume can create discontentment in our hearts, creating thoughts that who we’re with, where we are, and what we’re doing just isn’t good enough.

The Younger Son (prodigal) had serious FOMO and comparison issues. He thought his best life was out in the world, partying and squandering away his wealth, away from his loving father who provided for all his needs. Even today, some people may believe living life to the fullest looks like quitting your job on a whim, seeing every country in the world, falling recklessly in love, and trying every new experience.

Augustine once said that our hearts are restless until they find rest in the One who made it. Our fleshly hearts and desires will always be chasing the whims of the world, never feeling content, purposeful, or satisfied – until we run into the arms of our loving Father. He promises us the fullness of His joy.

“Every minute we spend focusing on comparing ourselves with others and trying to be more or less like them is time we are distracted from the work Christ desires to do in us to make us more like Him. Comparison is a heavy burden to carry. It puts the focus on replicating personality rather than embracing identity. When we allow the Father to release us from the bondage of comparison, we can live in freedom to be transformed by His kindness and mercy.
– Heather Fallis

Lord, help us to not be distracted by FOMO or comparison, but let us continually be focused on Your mission of love.


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