For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

Early on in my involvement with EFCC’s Journey of Hope Refugee Ministry, I found myself driving two Syrian refugee women home from an event in El Cajon. I wasn’t familiar with the area and these two ladies were doing their best to give me directions by pointing, speaking to each other in Arabic and then to me with a few words of English! I remember thinking how did I get here? In fact, I’ve asked myself that question many times.

The answer goes back to the opportunity I had to find out more about serving refugees at an informational session. I didn’t know what might be involved but I wanted to find out more and to say “yes” and take a step forward. Not long after, there was an invitation to join the refugee ministry leadership team. Who me? Surely there were others more qualified and knowledgeable than me. I had never met a Muslim. I knew nothing of Arabic culture or the honor-shame worldview. Yet, I knew in my heart that the nudge I was feeling was the Holy Spirit encouraging me to say “yes” again and take another step forward.

Six years later, I can joyfully say that while in service to Him, God has expanded my life with purpose and blessings beyond what I could have ever imagined. He has given me a love for refugees, enlarged my community of other believers with whom I am blessed to serve and continued to open doors for other service. I am so grateful that He has. given me the opportunity to participate with Him in what He is doing locally and around the world.

What are the interests in your life that animate your spirit and excite you? Will you be intentional about pursuing opportunities for service by being open to taking a step toward those opportunities and by making yourself available? What will you say?

Nancy Wood, Global Outreach Council

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