Men on a Mission (MOAM) is one of EFCC's longest running community outreach ministries. From carpenters to skilled craftsmen and more, these teams of men help churches and ministries. These crews have built buildings overseas, an airstrip in Colombia, structures in exotic states such as Alaska and Russia, and a backpacking station in Colorado.

Upcoming Work Trips

Hume Lake Family Work Week 

Sponsered by Men on a Mission
May 6-11 (registration has ended)

Contact: Judy Seale, (760) 781-2120

Registration has ended for this year's event! Join us for Men on a Mission's 20th year serving at Hume Lake Christian Camp! Last year over 200 people enjoyed the beauty of God's creation together as families while serving Him and those who will be coming to camps this summer. Don't miss this special annual trip and come with us this summer to Hume Lake. See a video highlight from last year below.

If you registered with EFCC and still need to complete your info with Hume, registering for the Hume Lake Family Work Week is a two-step process: The first step is to fill-out the fields on the form to register names for the work week. That information is sent to us. We will then submit your name and email address to Hume Lake. They will send you the information you need to register with them. That is the second step that completes your registration process.

NOTE: Please fill-in the online form as completely as possible. Enter all names in this order: last name, first name, etc. Please inform Kathy Pearsey, in writing, of any special needs, requests or changes, as soon as possible. If you or your family members have any food allergies, you may contact Hume Lake's Food Service Administrator, Amy Northrop. She will help you with special dietary needs.

(Click here to view video on Vimeo at full size.)