Join us as we read through one of this year's Bible Reading Plans!

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Read Through the Whole Bible

For this plan, each day will involve a reading from the NT and the OT. You’ll be reading 3-4 chapters of Scripture every day. This is a big undertaking, but it’s a great way to remind yourself of the beauty of God’s gift of the written word.

This year, we are going to be reading the Old Testament in it’s ancient literary order (The TaNaK order). This order helps us view the overarching story in a different light and is how Jesus would have read it. In this plan you will read the Old Testament in the TaNak order, followed by the books of the New Testament.

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Read Through the New Testament

This is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the story of Jesus and his disciples. Each day’s reading is relatively short, so read it slowly and prayerfully. Highlight and underline what you find interesting. If you’d like to follow along in the YouVersion App, it includes about 70 different videos that are super helpful in understanding the overarching story of the Bible. If you join one of our community plans, you will be able to give and receive encouragement throughout the year in the comments section.

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Read Through the Old Testament

If you’d like to read through the Old Testament this year, here is a great plan for you! This plan typically involves reading 2-3 chapters a day. At this pace, it will be difficult to do too much in depth reflection, but it will allow you to receive a great grasp of the amazing stories of the Hebrew Scriptures.

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And it’s never too late to jump into a plan or to jump back into a plan. It’s a fun accomplishment to finish a plan in a year, but don’t get too caught up in that. It’s more important that you read today, so whether you catch up on days you missed or just skip to today, we’re glad you’re reading!

If you prefer a printed copy, click on one of the links below to open a pdf version that you can download and print.