Wonder Working Power

Series: Individual Messages
Text: Romans 3.25
Speaker: Pastor Josh Rose

This weekend we will study Romans 3:25 together and celebrate communion in our first services of the New Year. Pastor Josh Rose will be speaking and his sermon message is entitled, Wonder Working Power.

Gratitology 101

Series: Individual Messages
Text: Psalms 136
Speaker: Pastor Dave Hook|Pastor Josh Rose

This weekend we'll be taking a closer look at Psalm 136 as we celebrate Thanksgiving and take communion together. Pastor Dave Hook will be speaking and our sermon this weekend is entitled Gratitology 101.

Scripture: Psalm 136

Here For Good

Series: Individual Messages
Text: Jeremiah 29.1-14
Speaker: Pastor Ryan Paulson

How can we impact our communities for good? Lead Pastor Ryan Paulson dives into Jeremiah 29:1-14 to uncover how we can plant roots in our communities to bless those around us.