Recently, my mom underwent a pretty invasive surgery. The doctors estimated a two-month complete recovery. As her oldest daughter, I immediately felt the responsibility of coming up with a game plan.

My mom was going to be off work for two months, which financially meant my dad could only take a few days off. Who was going to drive my brother to and from school? Who was going to give my mom her medicine? Who was going to give my mom her meals so she could take her medicine? What if she needed to get up to use the restroom? She can’t cook, so were they going to eat out for two weeks? That sounds expensive.

I figured out how I could work from home, which would allow me to be her caregiver for the first week. I was juggling full-time work, taking care of my younger brother, cooking for both my mom’s household and my husband, and checking in on my grandpa at the hospital. All this while being six months pregnant. My first thought was “Wow God is giving me SO much strength to do this all by myself,” but very quickly he reminded me of the number of times people in our community asked if we needed anything, and said not to hesitate to ask.

I was so grateful that by day two post-op, dinner was lined up and provided for the next ten days for my parents. A neighbor offered to drive my brother to and from school. My grandpa felt well enough to go home.

I was reminded of what Paul says in Philippians 1:27, “I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel.” God is calling us to stand firm, as we are in the same family, because of the bond we share in the Holy Spirit. God blessed me with a family in Christ, that I can lean on and feel supported by. So thank you to anyone who prayed, provided, or checked in! My prayer is that we may stand firm in unity, as the family we are in Jesus Christ.

Izamar Marquez
Faithkids Director

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