Depending on your translation, Philippians 1:27 might begin in several ways. Most seem to suggest Paul may or may not have been able to visit the church in Phillippi, and some translations summarize that down to “whatever happens.”

Whatever happens . . . it will all work out. That’s one of those token phrases we’ve all heard and likely used a time or two.

The reality is when I say “whatever happens,” I’m not always okay with the fact anything could happen, and the likelihood is it might not be my preferred plan. So, how do we hold the posture of “whatever happens” in a way that we lean into the call to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ? It is a discipline of trust; a discipline of trusting the gospel message is true.

John Piper summarized the gospel this way:

“God created us for his glory.
Therefore, every human should live for God’s glory.
Nevertheless, we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.
Therefore, we all deserve eternal punishment.
Yet, in his great mercy, God sent his only son Jesus Christ into the world to provide for sinners the way of eternal life.
Therefore, eternal life is a free gift to all who will trust in Christ as Lord and Savior and supreme treasure of their lives.”

So, whatever happens. Whatever your child says, whatever your spouse does, whatever your boss assigns, whatever catches your eye, whatever your mind imagines – consider it in light of the Gospel of Jesus, and your conduct will remain worthy.

Can it truly be that simple? Yes – but it doesn’t always mean it is easy which is why it is a discipline that must be exercised as often as possible. When honestly comparing our circumstances in light of the gospel, the rightful response will always be one worthy of its message. The harsh reality is we rarely feel the need to compare our circumstances against the gospel therefore, our response is typically not worthy conduct. Today, I invite you to hold yourself to the discipline and standard of considering whatever happens in light of the gospel. I guarantee the evidence of your discipline will be noticed from the result of worthy conduct.

Breann Dixon
Family Ministry Specialist

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